Audio-Visual Sensor Networks for Densely Sampling and Replaying Events
Project Description

The primary objective of SeNSE is to enable real-time immersive presence of a user in any event of interest, during or after the event, by advancing current WSN technology. We will specifically examine the application area of sports events broadcasting, as one of the consortium partners (Multichoice) is already producing and broadcasting such content. The technology developed will allow a user to virtually attend a sports game: to select a viewing location within the actual field, or by the spectators. It will also allow the user to have this immersive virtual experience even after the event has taken place, by recording and allowing the user to navigate it again.

The application will provide a combination of Pay-TV interactive services with wired broadband network applications through a LAN-enabled set-top box. This configuration will enrich the home viewers’ TV experience, by synergistically combining the ability of the satellite-based set-top box to deliver multiple channels (up to 32) of high-quality audio together with multiple channels of video (4), with the rich interactivity that can be made possible through an interconnected computer or tablet (e.g., an iPad).

At the receiving end, the user will watch the sporting event on his/her television with the additional option to select, or “focus” on, a particular location of the field. This functionality will be made available in the programmable OpenTV set-to-boxes, and can also be offered interactively through the Internet on the user’s computer of tablet (e.g., by clicking on a diagram or photograph of the venue) while still listening to the description of the commentator. “Focus” in this case includes the ability to listen to the sound coming from the location of interest and to potentially view the game from a different angle on the monitor. The ability to enjoy this individualized experience can be offered as a premium package to sporting fans subscribing to see the traditional video of the sporting event.

NSRF - National Strategic Reference Framework
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